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divinely lead. Creator mode.

Like many things in life, you have a vision of what you think you are building, and it is only with time and a step back that you realize that you have built something so much more. 


My entrepreneurial journey has always followed the Divine first and business second. And with that energy leading my way, it is no wonder that I have also found and served thousands of similar entrepreneurs. Because business is just the derivative of us seeking, searching, and creating with the Divine. 


Because of this, I have found that being an entrepreneur (as well as in life), there are no limits to what you can create. You aren’t confined to the pieces in the puzzle box. You are full in creator mode.

My Story

This is where Iety comes into play.

Over two decades ago, when I was helping with C-Suite wall street women own the boardroom, I never dreamed that neuro science-based branding, 74x international award-winning production company, network, and publishing house would be in my future. 


But they were. No matter what form my creative work took, two things were always behind it (1) God and (2) “-iety.” 


Image by Kelly Sikkema

Formally “-iety” is a suffix that denotes the quality or condition of what is before it. To me, I think of “-iety” as an exclamation mark for whatever is before it. And it is that exclamation, excitement, cheerleading, and holding space for the potential that my work has always done for my audience, be it for their brands, themselves, or the audiences they influence. 


And I can think of no better way to house the curated professional work for over the last two decades than under an umbrella that gives that exclamation to everything it touches.


With Iety, it umbrellas all of my tried-and-true methods in all scopes of life and work for Divinely appointment entrepreneurs.

  • Meet Neuroiety®
    The Strategy + Work You know you are the best, but standing out is a massive struggle. Here at Neuroiety®, we use neuroscience, neuro human branding, and the art of relationships to create intelligent influence, income, and increase exposure with your ideal audience by using your professional edge to your advantage. This means no more games. No more learning new platforms, new algorithms, or spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads that don’t get you anywhere or anyone good.
  • Meet Notoriety®
    The Content + Community You secretly desire a life filled with influence, impact, and income that sparks the lifestyle, love, and legacy experiences between you and everyone you love. This magnetic pull to a life of notoriety draws you to be more, do more, and impact the world on a deeper level than most. You know you have the industry skills, but the idea of standing out excites and frightens you because you want to play big, but society has taught us to play small. But you don’t have to.
  • Meet Psychiety™
    The Smarts + Psychology Stop Thinking Success Is Selfish Can we be honest? The #1 reason we see people fail to say “yes” to mastering themselves and doing what they know will bring them the success, flow, ease, and life they want - is that they fear it is somehow selfish. Our work here at Psychiety™ (and any of our other sister brands) is anything but.
  • Meet Metaiety™
    The Future + Freedom I KNOW IT MAY SOUND WOO, BUT THE TRUTH IS The Metaverse. This new frontier seems scary and unknown to small businesses and entrepreneurs. The truth is, though, that what we currently call “The Metaverse” is simply a new way of connection. Just like when radio, movies, television, and the internet all first rolled up on the scene, many people thought it was the end of civilization. And though it changed civilization, it did not end it.
Meet The -Iety Brand Sisterhood

And The Founder Of It All …

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