the newbie mindset

Full of energy, passion, and enthusiasm- your excitement drives you and your brand. No matter if you are new to your brand or still just have the Newbie mindset your brand is passion first profit second.


When it comes to your brand a newbie mindset is great because:

  • Your enthusiasm and passion are contagious

  • You have an open mind to solving problems

  • You have a willingness to learn

  • You don’t have arbitrary practices on how certain tasks “must get done”

  • Your creativity shines

This means your brand strengths are naturally:

  • Networking

  • Marketing

  • Community Building

  • Having fun

  • Relationship Building

Ali Craig

Clearly you have a lot of love for what you do, but to have a strong brand you also have to have heart. Heart within your brand is just like your heart. It is beautiful and weird, but it is what runs everything. You must protect and look after the heart of your brand at all costs.


Yet far too often, your NEWBIE perspective allows your love for the work and the people to sacrifice the heart of your brand which looks like:

  • No real game plan of what you are building

  • Giving your work away

  • Saying “Yes” to people and opportunities that you should be saying “No”

  • Get off tracking from your passion because you get caught up in the “doing”

  • No systems or structures in place

Which means potential brand pitfalls when it comes to:

  • Inconsistency aka flakiness


  • A “Start. Stop. Cycle” with regards to marketing and your money

  • Building something you hate in the end

  • Going down a costly “rabbit hole” chasing someone else's passion for you.


Here are a few resources that helps you keep the and build the to your brand.

Brandpreneur™ App

Brandpreneur™ App

Ali Craig Brand Mastery Program and Private Group

Ali Craig Brand Mastery Program and Private Group

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Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® TV Show