the Next adventure Mindset

You, like your current brand, but your passion and excitement is elsewhere. You are looking for your next great adventure when it comes to your brand and the impact your work has in the world. No matter if that is adding an exciting new offer to your existing brand or starting out fresh, you are done with your current everyday and you want to bring new lifeblood into your brand.


Your exploration nature is to your brand’s advantage because:

  • You are always on the hunt for the “new”

  • You are curious and a problem solver

  • You don’t mind taking risk

  • You think “outside of the box”

  • You like the unconventional and quirky

This means your brand strengths are naturally:

  • Storyteller

  • Community sharing

  • Problem solver

  • Risk taker

  • “Go Big or Go Home” Marketing

Jenni P

Now the NEXT ADVENTURE perspective is either all passion or all heart which is great, but can easily take you down “rabbit holes” that waste time and money.

The downside to this perspective is:

  • You get bored easily

  • You get “high” on the risk sometimes more than the reward

  • You can get a little bit “me” focused

  • Sometimes your love of “quirky” just seems crazy to your marketplace

  • You can easily confuse your market


Which means potential brand pitfalls are:

  • Identity crisis

  • No marketing traction

  • Not coming across as an expert

  • Never experiencing the reward for all of your work

  • Sadness or disappointment because you are giving it your all, but people seem to not “get you”


Here are a few resources and ways we ♥ to help

Entrventure™ Studio

Entrventure™ Studio

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Girl With Drive Press

Subscription Brand Services

Subscription Brand Services