the Not there yet Mindset

You have drive and determination like no one else. Yes, you are passionate about your brand overall. But sometimes the pressures of growth and the overwhelm of the unknown stresses you out.

You are legacy focused. This is not some “fly by night” project for you. This is your life’s work. This is what you will leave your family. This is your unique mark on the world.

And though at your core the passion burns, the workload, decisions, and constant pressure is exhausting. You know you are in the mist of being your brand up and to a new level, but you just don’t know when they pay off is for all of your hard work is going to happen.


Because you are focused on the present as well as the future, your brand strengths are:

  • You see the big vision to what you are building

  • You are building “wide and deep” creating multiple streams of income for yourself

  • Your expertise is vast and rooted (aka you didn’t just decide to do this - you are a true expert)

  • You have a clear vision on how everything works together and what the next step is

  • You can hang with the learners and the leaders while never losing your expert status

This means your brand strengths are naturally:

  • Brand strategy

  • Marketplace diversity

  • Long term relationships

  • Trainer and Confidant

Cassandra Shepard and Ali Craig

Yes, you have love (aka passion) and you are strengthening your brand heart (aka structures, systems, logistics, strategies, marketing, yourself, and your team.) And though you may not feel graceful in the moment, you are on the right track.


The downside to this NOT THERE YET mindset is:

  • You easily get lost deep in the work letting some of the everyday essential slides

  • You aren’t always focused on the details

  • Other’s rarely see your vision (so haters will hate)

  • You are living in a high level of stress which is affecting you more than you realize

  • You are playing the long game which means the results aren’t instant

Which means potential brand pitfalls for you are:

  • Feeling underappreciated by all

  • Disappointing and or losing your current customer base

  • Emotional reactions vs logical ones

  • Feeling lonely, depressed, anxiety, and stressed

  • Wanting to end it all because the payout for all of your hard work hasn’t come (yet)


A few suggested resources for you to keep growing your brand in the right direction.

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