Ali Craig

Brand Mentoring


Are you looking to cut through all the business buzz jargon and get down to creating a powerful, clear, concise, and refined statement for your personal brand. Working one on one with Ali Craig offers you an expert sounding board, little black book of resources, as well as the impact and “celebrity” status you are looking to have in the world with her unique “big sister” approach.

As Ali always says, “If it is not illegal or immoral, I am game on helping my clients create it, be it, do it, and live it.”

Are you all in?


  • Set weekly or biweekly times to connect however you like (Facetime, phone, Skype, Zoom, etc)

  • 90 day sprints (aka no long-term commitments)

  • 24/7/365 access to Ali (personal email, cell, private slack channel)

  • Support in anything brand related including, but not limited to personal branding, multiplatform branding, lifestyle branding, product launches, customer experience strategy and execution, impression management, content marketing, brand storytelling, content copy....the list is truly endless

Ali Craig


  • Accelerated brand growth

  • No more guessing on if "it" (your website, sales campaign, product, ebook, event) will work

  • 20 years of branding expereince from one of the leading experience based and neuro emotional branders for personal brands, multiplatform brands, and lifestyle companies

  • A sounding board for all the good, all the bad, and all the unforseen that arise in business

  • Guidance on how to navigate brand development, client retention, and overall growth

  • Quick answers and even faster results

  • Custom results, expertly vetted resources

This is not for you, if you:

  • Enjoy the excuses of not getting these done

  • You enjoy trial and error

  • You don’t really want a brand or a business


I’m not your typical anything- especially not the modern “brander.
— Ali Craig
Ali Craig

Ali Craig


I am all in. I am committed to your brand’s success and getting your message to the the masses as the influencer you are meant to be. After fully executing all of the tips, tricks, and neurohuman branding™ strategies recommended during your personal one on one session- if your brand isn't seeing the results as promised- my team and I will work with you till you gain the results described or your money back.

The Not So Fine Print: Your time with Ali will give you the ideas, strategy, and insight to get your brand going in the right direction. It is up to you to execute all that you discussed.