Ali Craig

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely adventure. And the truth is far too often people have ulterior motives. We want to give you one place- no matter where you are in business, get unbiased, real world working solutions to your branding and marketing needs.

Meet the Brandpreuner™ App. Brandpreneur™ home of the learners and leaders transforming the world through the entrepreneurial adventure.

With this Android and IOS app (available in the Google Play and IOS Store coming soon) you gain access to inspiration, information, and the resources to increase your income and influence all the while maximising your intuition and intentions.

Plus this is the only place on the planet where Ali will be personally sharing with this inner circle clan resources, strategies, and the "how to" that for the last 20 years she has only shared with her elite clients.

Once you download the app you will have access to:


  • CIRCLE SESSIONS: Twice a month international luxury brander, neuro human branding® and impression management™ specialist, Ali Craig, leads a live training on branding or marketing filled with real world, action oriented steps no matter if you have a newbie, not there yet, or next adventure mindset.

  • WATCH: Catch all the latest episodes of Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® and the original docu-tv content available on available on Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire.

  • THE DAILIES:Stay grounded in your work, your vision, and your brand. Our Dailies inspire, keep you motivated, and encourage you to take positive branding and marketing actions each and every day.

  • LIBRARY: Packed full of original, templates, cheat sheets, swipe files, and “how to” based content to uplevel you, your brand, and your marketing reach.

  • COMMUNITY: Intimate groups with additional resources and live chats to tailor your Brandpreuner™ experience (Neuro Human Branding® Academy, International Society of Impression Managers™, EmpiHER® Magazine, Girl With Drive Press, Entreventure™ Studios, Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® - if you have an interest or a need, we got you covered.)

  • INVITES: Special invitations and opportunities to meet up, train, and work with Ali and her exclusive team.




Are you confused about branding, marketing, and oooh’ SALES? Well, the truth is they all go together. And your brand is the foundational element to all the rest marketing, making the money, and being memorable actually being a smashing success.

Grab your copy of She Means Brand where 20-year luxury neuro human branding® vet, Ali Craig, shares with you tips, tools, and what it really takes to build a loved, beloved, and legacy brand in today’s market.

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