My Brand Needs Help. What Do I Do?


We can totally relate. Without knowing specifics of your business, let me share with you some cool (and free) resources depending upon where your struggle is at.

1. Watch the show. 📺We show you real brands, their problems, and how to fix it. And with the diversity in this season’s cast- I’m sure you will relate. Plus we have Facebook Live trainings every Wednesday.

2. Check out the show’s websites. 💻📱We have vlog posts on everything on how to build a smart website, craft your messaging, choose the right visuals for you, and make a positive impression. (Scroll down the posts are at the bottom of the home page)

3. Lastly, if you just aren’t sure that you have the right brand- one that you adore and adores you back- I encourage you to check out Soulfire.Life and Neuro Human Branding Academy.🦄🎯🚀Besides amazing resources, these sites will help you get clear on what you want, what’s holding you back, and how to use your story to connect with your audience.

Hope this helps. And remember, being an entrepreneur is a total adventure. 🎰🎲🎰So you must look at as that- a journey of discovery, exploration, and the unknown.

Much 💓
The Fix My Brand With Ali Craig Crew

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