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“Nonnegotiable” Influence

Have you noticed that everything is a negotiation?

At least people feel that way.

Let’s negotiate the price, relationship, deliverables, timeframe, and scope- things that make absolutely no sense people feel are negotiable. Some things are simply nonnegotiable

Here is how to create the “nonnegotiable” influence without ever having to say it.

  • Stand your ground literally. The simple act of standing gives you your greatest strength, and it shows.

  • Keep your voice on an even keel. When we are nervous, we tend to raise our vocal tones, and that raised tone at the end of thought can turn the statement into a question open for discussion.

  • Be head-on. Whether it is video conferencing or in person, face the other person and the situation head-on.

  • Stay open. When we are nervous, we tend to put barriers, a purse, notebook, or table, between ourselves and the other person. Being bare in this situation shows strength and unapologetic nature. So remove the barriers.

  • Wear black. Or any dark color for that matter. In Western society, the darker the color, the more professional the person or situation is viewed.

If you don’t want to negotiate, you don’t have to.

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