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We have all been there. We get to a speaking event, show up for a client meeting, and “WTF” we have entered the Twilight Zone of Debbie Downers. You know no good will come from this situation, but you must continue and honor your commitment.

Here are 3 ways to raise that energy by being the best version of yourself;

  1. Move. Yes, physically get you and them up and moving. Shake it off. Bounce it out. Put some music on and get the blood pumping. By moving the body, you are moving the negative mojo away and reawakening your client’s brain.

  2. Environment. Ideally, changing the space you meet in altogether is great. If this is not an option, move how you relate to each other. For example, remove the table that divides you from them, invite people to sit on the floor, open the windows, turn up or down the lights, light a candle, or let the cat or dog in the room for a bit of pet therapy. Changing your environment changes the energy, the stories at play, and the subconscious expectations. All making your audience more open to hearing your wisdom.

  3. Heart Breath with them. If appropriate, have your group stop and lead them through a round of heart-centered breathing. You can learn more details about this at The Heart Math Institute, but in short-focus on your heart. Have them feel it beat. Then as you breathe out through your heart and breathe in through your heart. As you breathe out, your love spreads across everyone in the room/ city/ world, and as you breathe in, you receive all the love coming to you.

Being able to raise the energy of a room is a gift. And when you step into a room as the best version of you, you are fully capable of changing every heart there.

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