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The Power of Adjectives and Verbs

When people hear “experience-based marketing,” they instantly think of events. We must do facebook lives, host live events, live webinars, etc. To them, experiences equal action.

And though this is true, it isn’t the full truth.

Our mind is a very powerful tool that many small marketers discount. By reading a few words or watching a video clip our mind can transport us into that specific time and space while attaching all of the sights, sounds, smells, feelings, and emotions that our subconscious mind has stored away in our memories.

Trashy romance novels are the best proof of the power of words to move readers. So before you start filling your schedule with tons of live events, consider adding a bit of experience to your existing marketing efforts by adding adjectives and verbs.

Adjectives and verbs are the word’s world of experience-based marketing. From priming your audience to take action to bring their minds, emotions, and biological reactions to a marketing story you created. Adjectives and verbs are the easiest way any brand can make their marketing efforts better.

Now before you get carried away with just adding words for adding sake, consider this.

  • What do I want my audience to experience in the moment: the desire to take action or feeling about the situation? If you desire action, focus on the verbs at play. If you desire feeling, make sure your adjectives truly describe the heart of the situation.

  • What memory does my audience have with regard to this? Are they scared? Happy? At peace? Do I want to heighten this or lessen these feelings?

  • What senses, environments, smells, sounds, etc are tied to the marketing story you created? Is there a universal memory like a hot apple pie sitting on Grandma’s windowsill on a bright summer day, or is there a social reference such as a popular TV show or movie that you can reference to add power and depth to your marketing?

Experiences begin in the minds of your audience. Never discount the power of verbs and adjectives to help add depth to your marketing efforts.

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