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When Friends Freak

We would all love to believe that every single friend and family member that's in our lives currently well wants the best for us, but the truth is that as you grow as a business and a person.

Your friends are going to freak out.

It just happens.

It happens because they love who you were, not maybe who you're going to become. And that can be scary.

It's human nature. We don't like change, yet change is what's all around us.

Change is the universe. And though this is a fact, people still don't like change. When you change, when you grow, when you hold yourself differently, speak differently. Your priorities become different because of your business and because you're evolving as a human being. Your friends tend to freak out.

Don't let this scare you.

Let this be a positive warning sign that you're on the right track.

At the moment, it will hurt because these are your friends, but understand that this is a sign that you're growing and they're choosing to stay where they're at.

Both are great. Both are beautiful. Both are blessed. Both of you should move on.

There's no point in trying to keep old relationships when they aren't going to serve you or them. Both of you will be frustrated because neither of you will be honoring the people you're growing into. When your friends freak out, it's okay. Just bless it and keep going.

Use this potentially negative experience as a positive warning sign that you are growing as a human being and as a business owner all in the right direction trust me; more friends will come, more friends will go. It's the circle of life and the circle of growth.

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