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Why you must always up your style game

Now you may think that style is all about looking good, and trust me, that’s part of it. But the truth is that your style is one of the easiest ways to expedite your success. Yep, you read that right. Your style is the secret sauce to living your success way sooner. Why? Because of your style, what you wear is a subconscious cue to your mind on what you should be doing, acting, saying, thinking, and being. And just as in the law of attraction, you must think for the universe to help manifest it. The same holds with your subconscious mind. Whatever it believes, it will make it a reality. You can bet on it. When you up your style game and begin to consistently dress for the type of person, professional, expert, or entrepreneur you want to be - things begin to change fast. Doors open, and you are ready to say “yes” to them. Yes, dressing the part does mean you will play the part. So use your style to your advantage by dressing as the successful woman of your childhood daydreams.

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