How To Build A Luxury Branding Agency

How To Build A Luxury Branding Agency

997.00 every month for 1 year

If you have been building up your branding business over the last few years, you will realize that it is a slow build. And the truth is there isn’t a ton of money to be made when you are the branding b*tch to your audience’s whims.

A true brander is a creator, strategist, designer,and architect playing in different mediums and with the minds of their client's audiences. But most branders are treated as a Fiverr specialist who just does the design work and little else. For most of us, our clients don’t see or use our full benefits - and in turn, we don’t get paid what we are really worth.

But what if you could have your clients trust you blindly? What if your work was sought after? Money was no object? And your clients stayed loyal to you year after year? What if your clients understood and valued all that you did and understood the evolutionary nature of their brands- in which they are eager to keep building?

For the last 20 years- a luxury branding agency is exactly what I have built. And with loyal clients for well over a decade - I can show you how to not just structure your business, but build your own brand that keeps clients on retainer, yearly repeat business, and client loyalty like none other.

In this ecourse, I am pulling back the curtain and showing you the offers, evolutions, and logistics needed to keep your branding agency going. We will cover:

  • Services

  • Fee Structures and Prices

  • Closing The Deal

  • Use, Trademark, and Intellectual Property

  • Contracts

  • Approvals and Sign-Offs

  • Complimentary Services or Partnerships

  • Client Relationships

  • Design Handoff Process

  • Marketing and Brand Positioning To Get The Highest Price Possible

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