How To Build An Impression Management Firm

How To Build An Impression Management Firm

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We live in a day and age where image and the impressions we make matter more than ever before. Online, offline, the average professional is making over 50,000 impressions a day.

It is these 50K+ impressions that are the foundation for our relationships, work, income, and reach. The impressions are what create the relationships with us long before we know the relationship is at hand.

But with all these impressions, come the flip side as well.

Virtually the entire world with a camera at their fingertips- professionals need help not just navigating the potential crisis at hand, but maximizing the influence they have from all these impressions.

And this is why impression management is one of the fastest growing fields. Professionals need help managing, strategizing, and influencing their way to the top. And as an impression manager, that is exactly what you do for your audience.

Now building an impression management firm or intelligent influence™ firm is a great way to not only grow your influence but your offers as well. With a variety of avenues to go down, the choice is yours on what type of firm you are building: Influencer Builder? Handler? Fixer?

For the last 20 years, helping my clients successfully manage, grow, and build their professional relationships strategically for maximum influence is exactly what I have done.

I can help you build your own impression management firm too.

In this ecourse, I am pulling back the curtain and showing you the offers, evolutions, and logistics needed to keep your impression management or intelligent influence™ agency going. We will cover:

  • Services

  • Fee Structures and Prices

  • Closing The Deal

  • Strategy and Methods

  • Client Prep

  • Contracts

  • Complimentary Services or Partnerships

  • Client Relationships

  • Marketing and Brand Positioning To Get The Highest Price Possible

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