Toxic relationships are nothing new.

We have all heard of the extremes in toxic relationships from narcissistic tendencies to energy vampires. But these extremes are extremes.

Toxic relationships can come in many shapes, sizes, and levels.

Sometimes relationships turn, for whatever reason, and what was once good is not. But for the most part toxic relationships begin toxic.

The idea that opposites attract is true. Opposites excite each other. It is this excitement that can dull our internal alarm saying that this relationship doesn't really work for us.

So how can one know if this new seemingly, good relationship is toxic?


Look at the “whys.”

The “whys” are the “whys” behind why do you do a certain task, have a certain habit, think a certain way.

If the “whys” - aka your motives and drives don't line up, the relationship will never fully work.

Here is the caveat to the “whys”, people lie.

People lie to you, themselves, knowingly and unknowingly.

Credit:  www.youtube.com

This is where many people feel like their relationships take a “turn.” Somewhere along the relationship one person realizes, “wait this isn't me at all.” They had all good intention. They just know themselves well enough.

Such revelation can come at any time.

So, “No,” there is no perfect time when a relationship will turn. It all depends on how self aware and honest the parties are.

Ideally you both are so self evolved that the relationship never turns, but if by chance it does- bless the lesson, bless the love, and get out of Dodge. No one needs negativity in their life.

Ali Craig