Adding neuroscience to your brand experience is actually pretty simple when you understand the meaning behind the theory not just the logistics.

Many people just follow the logistics and that just makes you look like a fool.

What do I mean by a logistics? We have all heard the science that a firm handshake reflects confidence, professionalism, and a take charge attitude. Though true when such an action comes from a genuine place.

But when you are only following the logistics of the science, you end up with a death grip that communicates to people that you are insecure, lack confidence, and that you just do as you are told without independent thought.

And because no one wants the “death grip” of insecurity strangling your brand, let me show you the meaning behind the top 5 misused neuro tips that most brands try to use.

  1. Stories.

Yes our brains remember stories. We are hardwired for them, but stories aren’t sales copy. Stories evoke an experience, create connections, and must be repeated over and over again to become societally relevant. I mean there are over 1500 reported versions of the best known stories in the world - Cinderella.

2. Adjectives and verbs. 

We hear “tell a story” and we think lots of adjectives. Adjectives are great for descriptives purposes, but life and your work should be about action. So use both adjectives and verbs to build your brand story smartly.

Here is a quick way of knowing when to use what type of word:

When selling the idea use adjectives.

When selling the outcome and actions use verbs.

3. Going right.



Yes. We all tend to go right when we enter a room and we tend to look towards the right when we look at a webpage or document. All of this is true, but then we move. So yes by all means put that killer picture or your latest product. Then make the rest of your space or site full of engagement to keep the viewer’s eye, mind, and body moving forward.

4. But.

Credit: greaselive (via

Credit: greaselive (via

Some people say to never use the “b” word. I say use it smartly. When you use the “b” word you effectively cancel out everything you said previously.

5. Because.



The word “because” is a trigger word stimulating your brain to continue to listen. Use this word often because it gives you the opportunity to justify and support your previously stated belief.

Ali Craig