Society has trained us to be independent. Need no one and that no one needs us.

Yet the truth is we all need help.

Though a four letter word “help” isn’t a bad thing to give or receive.

So just ask.  

Here are 5 ways to make the ask easier and get the “yes” you want:

1. Get clear.

Credit: Gilmore Girls (via Giphy)

Credit: Gilmore Girls (via Giphy)

Write down the need, aka the ask, at the top of the page in one short sentence.

2. Resources.

List below the task everyone you know that could help you. Make sure to write out how they could help you. Be specific.

3. Why.

At the bottom of the page, write out why this task is so important. What will it help you do? How will it make life better? How will the above list of people’s sacrifice/ help matter? Go big picture here.

4. Timing.

Credit: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (via

Credit: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (via

Think about the task timing (aka will you actually get it accomplished) as well as the timing of when/ how you approach your list.


5. Just Do It



Get over yourself and do it! Make the ask! Get the answer!

Ali Craig