We all have personal brands.

Far more than our personalities, your personal brand gives the world a snapshot of who you are.

More than your social media feed, website, or bio states your personal brand includes all of your nonverbal communication too.

Your nonverbal communication comes through your photos, videos, and of course someone just seeing you from across the room. It is truly the message you are communicating when you aren’t saying a word.

Here are 3 ways to create a more powerful personal brand by creating strong nonverbal communication.

1. Get right in the head.

Your non verbal communication deals with your tone of voice and body language  which is all controlled by your internal mood and mindset. You can try to fake these elements, but the never ends well (aka the death grip).

Being grounded, being clear, and secure in who you are and what you are all about is a must.

2. Know your story.

This supports step 1, but it also helps you to better articulate what you are really about.

3. Always look good.

Taking care of yourself and your clothes isn’t vanity. It is your job. It isn’t about the best, it is about being and looking like you.

Know you, know your why, and know how you like to be seen by the world. Then just do itl creating a powerful personal brand is that simple.

Ali Craig