Most entrepreneurs just start.

They see a need, have an idea, or unique perspective and they begin. For many it is that simple.

Simple beginnings though, doesn’t mean their road to success is so simple.

Many entrepreneurs get stuck along the way because they need to evolve but aren't sure how. There “what's” and “whys” aren’t clearly defined so they are unsure which opportunities are the best for them.

First off, you must define your brand.

Many entrepreneurs especially coaches, consultants, and authors have multiplatform brands.

A multiplatform brand is a brand based around one idea, belief, or ideology that is delivered through multiplatforms.

Tony Robbins is the ultimate multiplatform brand. He has his main message that he delivers through live events, eprograms, books, coaching, and consulting services.

What is your main message?

If you aren't sure how to define it, look back on why you started. There was something there. What did serving your audience in that way do for you? For them? And how did serving them make you feel?

Now let's be really honest right here and right now. You didn't start your business to just serve others. In serving others you are serving yourself. It feeds a need deep inside of you.

You need to be real with yourself and leave the story behind on how selfless you are for starting your business.

We need to discover what it is that you get from your business (besides money) that you love and we need to discover what it is that you really do for your audience (besides the logistics of the transaction).

Because it is in the intersection of your needs and theirs that your big “why” exists. And it is with this “why” that your brand will be defined by.

Second, define your platforms.

There are many ways to serve your audience and get your message out there. Which ways do you love the most?

Most likely you are already delivering your message through a platform you innately enjoy be it one on one coaching or consulting. How can you still get the feel goods that this message gives you, but serve your clients in other platforms?

Retreat? Virtual event? In person mastermind? Books? Eprograms? Certification? Video series?

The platforms you choose are up to you. Don't do what everyone is doing. Deliver your message in the manners that make you want to work more not less.

For example, I hate group coaching. I don't like offering. I don't really enjoy working in this medium. But I love one on one mentoring and co creating with clients. I feel I can best serve and train my clients and I can truly invest in them as well.

Could I serve, train, and invest in my clients in a group coaching session, logically the answer is yes. But it doesn't work for my heart. That platform method doesn't make me want to work more. And therefore I don't work in it.

Third step, Who do you do this for?

Let's be honest everyone maybe could be your client, but you don't want everyone as your client.

Who do you love working with the most? Who see the most benefit from your work? Who enjoy your work the most? Who want more from you?

Now the most important question is the first one “Who do you love working with the most?”

Because if you aren't excited and in love with working with your clients no one else will be excited or in love to work with you.

Just like when you  choose which platforms you are going to invest and reach out in first, you must listen to your heart and not the so called experts.

Statistics and studies are great, but if you hate it, no amount of money will make you want to succeed like enjoying the people you serve does.

Now that you know the why, how, and who is - moving your brand forward is easy.

Next time an opportunity or idea knocks ask yourself these questions.

  1. Does the opportunity fit my why?

  2. Is or can the opportunity be in alignment with my how?

  3. Does it help my who?

If you answered “yes” to two or more then the opportunity or idea is definitely worth exploring.

If it only hits one out of the three, it most likely will pull you in a slightly new direction. Now that isn't all bad, as long as you consciously know that is where you are going.

Being clear about your “why”, “how”, and “who” makes evolving your brand simple while growing your message and reach.

Ali Craig