No matter if you are selling a product or an idea- a lifestyle brand is selling a way of life.

In theory, creating a brand plan should be simple, but as the expression goes, “No one wants to see how the sausage is made.” They just want to eat it.

The same holds true with your lifestyle brand.

People want to see the end result first.

 1. Define the end result.

What does your way of life lead to? How does it feel? What do you do? How are your relationships? What is your thought life like?

2. Feature people and places who embody your end result.

These people could be official followers or just people you agree with. Just make it visual and beautiful.

3. Create a multi sensory experience.

Life is multisensory and so should be your brand.

4. Create real life connections

Let your audience try your product, idea, the way of life. Though this may seem a bit out of the box, such events allow people to “test” the waters of the lifestyle before they jump all in.

5. Serve the entire life of your audience.

You offer a lifestyle so help make the complete life of your audience a priority. Either be the expert on all or partner with other experts who can support your audience.

Lifestyle brands should focus on the “perfect” life you are promoting. Acknowledge any pitfalls because we understand life isn’t always roses. And promote the amazing experience that is life.

Ali Craig