Being at the cusp myself of the Gen X and Millennial line I can see both sides of the fence (sometimes). The biggest struggle Gen X has is to overcome the societally induced belief that self promotion is vanity.

I originally thought this dislike for self promotion was because I am a girl raised in the Deep South. Come to find out- most Gen Xers don’t like being walking promotional advertisements.

Millennials on the other hand, don’t seem to suffer for the most part with such a mental game. They view it as natural. While Gen Xers look at it as uncouth, awkward, and in poor taste.

The fact is self promotion isn’t going anywhere. It is becoming more and more necessary to reach the professional success we are striving for.

So how can Gen Xers overcome their limiting mindset?

Here are 3 ways:

  1. Rewrite your story.

Credit:  www.reddit.com

The story that self promotion is wrong, negative, or vain is just that a story. Society, your Momma, TV, somebody gave you this idea and your believed it.

Write about how you view business, success, and this whole adulting thing should go.

Once you have written out highlight the areas of your story that aren’t working for you. Maybe it is that success only comes after decades of really hard work or that if you have to approach people and offer your services you aren’t truly a professional.

Whatever beliefs aren't working for you, highlight them and then rewrite them. Write what you want to happen or what you know is the truth.

2. Remind yourself.

Credit:  www.reddit.com

Every morning before you get out of bed, remind yourself who you are and why you are amazing at what you do. I know it may sound a bit “ra ra” cheerleader like, but trust me you need to do this.

You are frickin awesome!  

You need to remind yourself how much of a badass you really are.

3. Reframe it.

Reframe the idea that talking about yourself, your brand, or what you are doing is in any way bad or negative.

Think about it this way, you love hearing about what your friends are up to. It is fun to hear about what they are up to. Their everyday life sounds interesting because it is different than yours.

The same holds true for you,

Most of the people you meet if they had to be categorized as either friend or villain would be put in the “friend” category. Talk about you.

And if talking about you is seriously worse than hearing fingernails running down a chalkboard, then talk about your clients and customers. Brag like one proud parent on them, but don’t minimize your role in their success.

The rest of the world could learn a thing or two from Gen Xers. So let’s stand up and let the world know that we are.

Ali Craig