With over 18 years worth of experience working with brands and people, it is easy for me to see the importance of impression management.

Impression management is how most people, especially women, handle their personal relationships. Impression management just elevates our instincts to meet the needs of the brand and everyone the brand meets.

Credit:  www.mtv.com

Credit: www.mtv.com

Because impression management is impression, experience, and relationship focused it can appear weak especially to the more masculine, take no prisoners brand management approaches. But the truth is impression management wins when it comes to longevity, likeability, and loyalty.

Impression management creates more brand disciples which creates organic marketing streams that are more powerful and effective than any paid ad could be.

So why is impression management important?

Impression management is about the people, relationship, and brand. It doesn't look out for just one element, it nurtures all elements creating a stronger, stable, and more successful brand in the end.

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Ali Craig