As an entrepreneur staying positive is key.

Between the naysayers and logistics of life, one must have a positive persevering spirit to stay in the game, let alone to win it.

Positivity though only helps if it is counterbalanced with a bit of reality.

You must truly understand the struggles of the people you serve. You must be willing to face the facts and find the solutions.

That is being a positive entrepreneur.

Far too often though, we only look at ourselves. Our strengths, our desires, our wants, our dreams, our successes. We surround ourselves with self induced narcissism under the guise of "positivity."

This "narcissistic positivity" won't get us the success we are looking for, won't keep our legacy strong, and in the end will erode our audience and past success out from underneath us.

Part of being positive is being real.

Part of being positive is having a never give up attitude.

Positivity has nothing to do with perfection.

Positivity is more of a never ending commitment to success than anything else.

Ali Craig