Your Firestory™ is the heart of your brand. It is the why, the passion, the motive, and the means.

No matter if your work is your company or “just a job,” you have a Firestory™, here is how to define yours

1. What excited you as a kid?

What did you always love to do? What were you naturally good at? Write out your answers. The more detail the better. This is your kindling.

2. What do you want your life to be?

Go deep and make sure you write out your “whys” to each point.

3. Who do you love?

List the people, the types, and their personality traits. Because let's be honest we don't love everyone.


Now write your story out.

Make sure to have a beginning (your now, the who and what), middle (what you want), and the end (how it evolves and continues with yourself and the ones you love.

Read your Firestory™ daily. Let the words inspire and guide you.

And if you ever find yourself not so “on fire” then rewrite your story. It truly is that simple.

Ali Craig