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When Passion Passes

As a startup, it's easy to think the passion, excitement, and thrill of your new business will keep going every single day for the rest of your business's life.

But just like in your relationships, passion does pass a little bit. And just like in your relationships, you can always keep the passion somewhat alive, even though it evolves.

You can do this with your brand as well.

Like with your relationships, you have to intentionally add a little passion to them. The same holds with your business. Making sure that every single day you're adding a little passion to your business. That could be making sure that 90% of what you do daily is something you want to do in your business. Or that you're always working with people that you love or that you're creating something that you love consistently. Doing that will help keep your passion for your business alive.

Also, like with a relationship, to help keep the passion alive, you have to add a little variety to the spice of life, as the saying goes.

How can you grow your business?

Many times as businesses, especially startups, we listen to the experts who say that we need to stick to our lane, be that one-horse-rider, and just have that one product/service and, in turn, one niche. That approach can be very confining and variety-less when growing your business.

Consider adding a new product, a new service, a new offering, or a new way to offer your current services or products to your audience. Simply adding that little variety to your business will begin to add a smidge of enthusiasm back into your life.

Lastly, just like with love, you have to care about the other party. Meaning that you have to care about your brand as a brand and what it's meant to do.

Begin to think of your business, not just as this thing that you do or the way you make money. Begin to think about your business and brand as your best friend.

What would make that experience better for everyone that interacts with? For your customers? For your team members? For your onlookers? Your social media fan? As well as for you?

Adding refreshing visual or verbal elements will help increase your love affair and passion for your business. And just like in relationships, it will help bring a bit of that spice back as well.

So, don't worry.

Your passion will change as it does for any relationship over time. But you can ensure that your passion stays alive for your business if you're willing to. As with all good relationships, invest your time and heart into the relationship and the person or brand at hand.

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