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How To Get Testimonials That Tell A Story

We all know testimonials are the “gold mine” for our businesses to get more customers, have our customers say “yes” faster, and get repeat business. Far too often, testimonials are lackluster. Testimonials are, "We appreciate the service. It was a great value." But none of that tells the story to your potential client of why in the world they should say yes to you.

How do you get your existing audience to give testimonials that tell a story?

Well, it's pretty simple. It's three simple steps. You have to ask the question that starts from the beginning. You know, far too often, we simply ask for a testimonial in general, and we're not specific enough. We need to be specific and specific to the beginning of the work with you. Before they started work with you, what was going on? By getting your audience’s answer in a sentence, you're going to begin to not just get a complete story as a testimonial, but you're going to begin to get proof of where your current audience is. With this simple answer, your audience can identify with your former clients and your brand.

Once your audience knows where your clients have been, they need to know what to expect. You must frame the process or transformational nature of your service or product. Your audience needs to know that there is a process.

Lastly, your audience needs to know the long-term transformation. So since working with you, since having the product in your life, and since using the system - how has your client’s changed? Showing this is essential to show the long-term nature of your work and their relationships with your brand. Remember, your audience isn’t just looking for their problem to be solved. They're looking for an amazing experience along the way. Creating the right story for your testimonials can do all that and much more.

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