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Making Your Product Pieces Into A Powerful Brand

Many modern brands have multiple pieces. You started with one product or service and have evolved from there. But along the way, you didn’t actually stop and consciously decide how all of these offers made sense to your brand. Now you may not think that is all a bad thing. But the truth is that your consumer eventually will wonder who and what you are. How do you correct this misstep? Simple, understand the red thread that ties everything together. Because even though to the outside world your offers may look scattered, the truth is for you - they connect on a deeper level - aka your red thread. By understanding these deeper commonalities - aka your red thread - you can stop selling the logistics of your products and services and start selling the heart of your offers for you and your audience. This doesn’t just allow you to stand apart from your competition; it allows your audience to connect with the heart of the brand relationship. Plus, moving forward, by selling your red thread vs. the logistics, any new offer, products, or brand expansions will make sense because they tie to a deeper meaning and purpose - your red thread. So how do you discover your red thread? Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Make a list of all the things you have instinctually loved doing as far back as you can remember, all of your hobbies, certifications, interests, and jobs

  2. Next to each item, list why it mattered to you

  3. Underline where your “whys” had in common

When you see the common thread, aka your red thread, all of your life, offers, and brand options begin to make sense to you and your audience.

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