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Why Loyalty Is Better Than Gold In Today’s Market

Many people say we live in a throwaway society. The sad truth is that they are right. But our throw-away mentality doesn’t just extend to cheap clothing and office supplies. Our throw-away mentality extends many times to our relationships.

Sounds horrible, right?

But we do it all the time for our clients and the team.

It is easy as a brand to get focused on ourselves. Our needs. Our wants. And like with any relationship, when all we see is us, we tend to under-appreciate those who should mean an awful lot to us.

Besides the fact that our selfish tendencies show our true human nature, we lose out as a business on the one thing money or influencer numbers can't buy - loyalty.

In today’s fast pace, everyone doing something similar to society- loyalty is hard to come by. So when a client or team member recognizes your unique perspective and finds value in that, then those peeps deserve some mad props.

Look around your organization and see who has stuck by you. See who has always been there for you, reached out to you, keeping you in the loop. It is those people that deserve some extra love and appreciation for you as well as your brand.

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