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Discerning What Your Audience Needs To Hear

There are many experts out there that are happy to share with you exactly what they think your audience needs to hear. That your audience needs to know how-to steps. Your audience needs to know the top ways to do whatever in the world you do.

But the truth is, the audience doesn't need to know those logistics. That's not what they're looking for. They have Google for that.

How can you discern what your audience needs to hear from you?

Hear from you online, hear from you during a phone call, hear from you on your website.

What is the message they need?

First, we have to discern the difference between listening and hearing.

Many people listen because you listen with your ears, but you hear with your heart. When you hear with your heart, you hear the words in the message in between the literal words and messages being shared. It's like when your kid tells you they're okay, but as a parent, you know the message is, I'm not okay.

The words are, "I'm okay," but the hearing with your heart is, "I need help, mom or dad." So we must be the parent on many levels to our audiences and listen to the deeper message.

Read those social media posts, and be in the groups that they're in. Hear with your heart what it is that they're saying.

Then you must be brave enough to speak to that because you will have no logical information. You will be going off of your instinct, AKA your gut. And though it may feel scary to respond from your gut, it's that deeper desire that is really what is the questions your audience has for you.

Your audience needs to know you're there for them. They need to know that you have their back. They need to know that they're more than just an income source for you. When your audience understands these things, guess what? You become that friend that everyone wants. You become a friend who understands them when they don't even say a word. You become a friend who answers their questions before they ever even realize they were questions. And it all starts with hearing the message in between the words they're saying.

This takes time. This also takes time to develop as a skill within yourself. To pause, stop doing, and pause to center yourself to hear the deeper message. But when you do, you will always speak and communicate in a way that will connect with your audience on a heart and soul level. You will always have the message they truly want, which means you will always have the audience you want.

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