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For The Love of All Things Holy, “STOP!”: 5 Ways Every Entrepreneur Undoes Their Brand

One of the most frustrating things for me to watch is a beautiful new brand destroyed by the ignorance of the brand’s owner - aka you. So for the love of all things holy, please stop doing the following things.

  1. Stop building your graphics. You may think you understand the visual look and feel of your brand, but you don’t. There are details, nuances, and subtleties that you aren’t seeing, but when missing, make your brand less impactful.

  2. Stop adding. More is not better here. Stop adding one more form. That old sales copy that you love so much, etc. Edit. Edit. Edit.

  3. Stop loving your system over the service. Many times entrepreneurs fall in love with a system because of how easy it is for them to use or how much money they had to invest into it. But we don’t stop to see how our clients have to interact with this service. For example, you may love an email service, but the forms your client must interact with are clunky and overwhelming. Refine your client experience first. You second.

  4. Stop building your brand as you “fly.” Yes, your brand should evolve and grow. And yes, there are rarely the “perfect times” to launch a new product or easily roll out a new product line. But not giving yourself enough time to execute, market, and make profitable- does no one good.

5. Stop going off-brand. Your brand, on many levels, should encompass your personality. So you should organically be able to live, breathe, and embody your brand and what you are about. It does you and your business no good to have a beautiful-looking website and online experience, but when they meet you, the experience falls apart.

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