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How To Master Your Personal Brand

Like it or not, you are your brand. And though you may sell your existing business at some point, until the day you die, you will forever be your personal brand. Here are 5 ways to master your personal brand.

  1. Do know that your look matters. How you show up in the world matters. Dress for you, but always dress your best.

  2. Don’t worry about staying or being the same. No one wants you to be the same person all the time. Be consistent in showing the world all of who you really are.

  3. Do know how many impressions you make daily. The average person makes around 10,000 impressions a day online and offline. While the average professional who uses social media for their business makes around 50,000 impressions in a day.

  4. Don’t let others box you in. People naturally will want to define you. Choose the relationship and the expert role you want to play before you’re given one.

  5. Do always speak for yourself. Never let anyone speak for you. You write your post, back your words, and say your peace. You must fully own who you are.

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