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Rethinking The Buying Problem

Understanding why a customer won’t say “yes” keeps many a marketer, brander, and empire builders up at night. When faced with this problem we look at the numbers. Because it must be the numbers, right?


9 times out of 10, it has nothing to do with the numbers. It has everything to do with the perception of the offer. No one wants to buy the logistics: 3 one hour sessions with you, one pair of jeans, a 15-minute consult- people are buying the outcome, not the logistics.

So when you run into a buying problem, you haven’t sold the outcome well enough.

The outcome goes beyond you are going to now own a pair of jeans or you will be clearer on what you want to do for a living.

  • The outcome is that you will walk boldly and be fearless in those jeans because you know you look and feel good.

  • The outcome is that all your hard work won’t be wasted trying this or that- all of your efforts and focus will be funneled into one purpose and cause that matters greatly to you.

  • The outcome is that where they feel weak, they will feel empowered. Where they feel insecure, they will find strength.

We must retrain our brains on what our audience wants and what they receive. We have to see past the tangible and go into the terrain of the heart of what motivates, drives, and moves our audience. We must blend neuro human branding® and impression management.

Why these two specialties?

Well, Neuro Human Branding® creates an offer rooted in your audiences’ biology, psychology, subconscious mind, and social stories. But that alone may not be enough, especially if you are face to face with potential clients.

That’s where Impression Management comes in. We have to understand on an intuitive, instinctive, and empathetic level what outcome our potential clients is needing and help guide them into discovering the right solution for them (and no, that does not always mean your product or service is the right fit for them)

Being able to blend these two arts doesn't just save you from worrying about why a potential customer isn’t saying “Yes,” it allows you to minimize these awkward moments altogether because you will no longer view your offer in the logistics. You will view it as the life transformation it truly is.

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