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What Your Brand Can Learn From Hotel Apps

If you haven’t checked out a hotel app lately, you should because they are doing a few things right that we should all be taking note of.

Over the last few years, the hotel industry has been stepping up its technology game, and its apps are the best efforts so far. Besides being able to book, check in, and check out a property’s details - you can message the front desk of the property you are staying at. Gone are the days of picking up the phone to ask for more towels or to let them know that you will be late for check in- just message the staff via the app.

This text-like feature is pretty darn slick yet something we all can do. Many phone line services like Google Phone and Sideline allow you to set up automated text messages and receive and reply to client texts. So let your clients know that texting is acceptable for communication.

No other hotel chains like Marriott's The Cosmopolitan use an AI text service in which she (yep, it's she) will message guests free breakfast specials, nightclub passes, etc. The ironic thing with this system is that it doesn’t tell the front desk what gift it has offered to which guest so checkout can be a bit chaotic.

But there is something to learn here too.

What if we as brands just texted our clients a gift or an inspirational quote? There are plenty of opt-in text services, and many email newsletter services offer opt-in texting too.

No matter if you do it manually, via a mass service, or via AI - offering fast ways for your audience to ask for help and for you to respond is smart. Offering gifts, bonuses, or cheeky messages “just because” is fun when properly positioned in your brand.

Take note and get to texting.

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