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hero. Living.

Cinderella May Have Killed Your Sex Life, but the White Knight Has Screwed Your Success


We’ve all been raised with the White Knight Syndrome lurking deep in our subconscious. We have all had moments where we secretly desired to be saved, and there have been moments where we wanted to rescue what our hearts longed for. 


This hero mindset who saves the day resonates with all of us because it is built into our DNA. It is what we - male or female- were designed for.

Yet few of us recognize this.

My Story

Drowning From The Truth

We pause our lives, tread water, and wait for the white knight to appear. 


We may try to save others along the way, but in the end, we are left battered, exhausted, and searching for the hero who will love us and wondering if we are loveable in this beaten state.


It may sound dramatic, but here is the truth.  

Image by Elizeu Dias

Your hero has been with you all along.

You become the hero of your life moment by moment in the way you hold yourself, the way you work, and the way you build relationships. 


Being your own hero, aka your own White Knight, starts with you choosing to be an excellent version of yourself that you know you are meant for not what society says you should be,

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"You are meant for more, called for more, designed for more - so why aren't you acting as the hero you were designed to be?"

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Watch the lives

For the last 25 years, I’ve helped people step into their hero status by starting that business of their dreams, conquering their fears and stepping onto the stage, or simply living from understanding their influence vs being reactional.

Join me on this intentional journey as I share with you the stories, people,  brands, and ways you, too, can become your own hero one moment at a time. #herolivingstrong

Watch us change the world one life at a time 

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