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Entrepreneur. Author. Brander. Speaker. Trainer. Consultant

your brand is a deeply personal experience.

(If you do it right)


In today’s marketplace, success doesn’t come by simply being an entrepreneur. Success and all its benefits and glory come when you shed the title of entrepreneur and step into your life as a brandpreneur™. My sisterhood of companies and I are dedicated to helping you the entrepreneur own your brandpreneur™ status.

And it starts with the BIG B - your Brand.



Just because your business makes money doesn’t mean that your brand is a success. Money isn’t the only or even main indicator of what makes your brand a short as well as long term success for you, your audience, and your family.

By understanding your unique mindset on branding it is easy to see where you are in the brand process and what steps you need to take to expedite your growth, strengthen your bottom line, all the while creating lifelong brand relationships between you and your audience.



From the science behind the buy to understanding how to influence any room to sharing the insider secrets into how to have your audiences come in sold- 20-year luxury neuro human branding and impression management veteran, Ali Craig, knows how to teach your audience  how to influence their bottom line advantage without the fear and manipulation tactics traditionally taught when it comes to sales and marketing.

Fully versed on branding, marketing, and of course how to influence our audiences, Ali’s no fluff style gets to the heart of the matter and into the heads of your audience concerning how to take conscious and subconscious action that brings in the cash while creating the connection, community, and conversion they desire.



What if you could have your clients trust you blindly? What if your work was sought after? Money was no object? And your clients stayed loyal to you year after year? What if your clients understood and valued all that you did and understood the evolutionary nature of their brands- in which they are eager to keep building?

For the last 20 years- a luxury branding agency is exactly what I have built. And with loyal clients for well over a decade - I can show you how to not just structure your business, but build your own brand that keeps clients on retainer, yearly repeat business, and client loyalty like none other.



A monthly contributor with various syndicated publications across the United States, Craig is also a monthly contributor and founder of EmpiHER® magazine, a print and digital publication dedicated to helping women build their professional and personal empires.  Craig can also often be seen on entrepreneurial event main stages as well as a notes expert in and on such media outlets as: Fox News, Chicago Tribune, Boston Herald, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.


1 Girl. 1 mission. 1 holistic brand approach.