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i’ll be honest

As a kid, I was constantly redesigning my room, the solo lead in any group project, and constantly searching for what and how to make people tick. 


Life has evolved, but the truth of what drives me and my work hasn’t. Yes. I am one of the lucky ones. Lucky to know the “why” of my life from an early age.  And though I could have never guessed how all of this has manifested, the why still stays the same.

  1. Speak The Unedited Truth. 
  2. Move The Energy. 
  3. Do everything in love and with beauty.


Or simply put, to create experiences that allow others to step into their higher/more authentic self.

Ali's Professional Bio
Media | Speaking
My Story

With that lens, it is no surprise that I have been an entrepreneur for over two decades and the owner of a television network and publishing house for the last six years.


No matter what “environment” we create, be it a website, show stage, book, or offer - everything is focused around the emotions and energy needed to birth the feelings and experience sought. And no matter what we do, we try to curate the entire visual and verbal experiences to an esthetically beautiful one. 

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Ali's Work, Achievements + Certifications



For over the last two decades, my work and world have been about creating platforms for women to show up powerful, strong, unapologetic, and completely authentic.


  • Be it helping get their story published in a “real book” (via my Notoriety® Publishing brand,)

  • Building a successful business (via my brand Neuroiety®,)

  • Creating award-winning television series leveraging your smarts to a new level of success (via my 74x International award-winning network, Notoriety® Network,) or

  • Helping these dynamic women master the media (via our Notoriety® Media House brand.)

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