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What is your endgame? In today's influencer-driven social proofs-driven society, most of us don't have a clear endgame of what this looks like. We just think more: more followers, more likes, more engagement. That must equal more sales.

That's not the case when it comes to creating social proof. More is not always better.

If you are unclear about the endgame of what it is for your business and brand when it comes to creating social proof and influence, you will be sadly disappointed. Just like when it comes to success, if you aren't clear on what those terms mean to you. If you aren't clear about what that looks and feels like for your brand, you'll never get there.

What are the endgame for your brand and social proof? Is it just people are aware of what you do and who you are because you have that social awareness? Is it that you have a deep, loyal follower group?

Maybe it isn't the numbers, but the people who know you, like you, trust you and use you. Or maybe social proof for you is simply the fact that you don't have to worry about the numbers. Or maybe it's all about the numbers because you need numbers to get those media appearances you're going for or those speaking events.

You have to be clear about what social proof does for your business. Does it equate to direct sales, or does it give you a stepping stone for other opportunities? It's completely different for different brands and times in a brand's life cycle.

Be clear on what is the next step that social proof needs to do for you. If you're not clear about this, you'll never get there. Understand your endgame to understand the true social proof game you're playing.

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