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What's Your Holiday Plan

It's barely the fall, but most entrepreneurs haven't even thought about the holiday season just a few months away. That shortsightedness destroys more entrepreneurs when it comes to gaining market shares and social proof.

When we fail to plan, not just a few months, but a big-term vision, we end up failing to grow our businesses the way that we want to. People don't think of us when it comes to being a gift to give to one of their friends or their family members, and sometimes even consulting services can be amazing gifts to give to an entrepreneurial friend or family member. But if no one thinks of you, no one will ever try to offer your services as a gift.

Now, many of us as entrepreneurs want to play with the big boys out there. We want to play with the large companies. We want to be massively influential. Well, to do that, they plan massively long term. They're not thinking about this Christmas season. They're thinking about next Christmas season. They're planning so far in advance. Why are they doing that? They are priming their audience to always think of them as the sale.

Now, if you look at the big guys, they're not constantly berating you with, "Buy my product. You can give a gift. Gift certificate, gift certificate," like most entrepreneurs do. They understand it's the long game, which is the slow burn. They're not going to constantly tell you that their product or service can be a great gift.

With the holidays not that far away, yes, take action now. Begin to at least try and throw some seeds out there to your audience and say that you're potential as a gift-giving option with your business. But, also begin to plan now long term. What can you do in January, February, March, May, June, and all the other months between now and next Christmas to help your audience recognize that you're more than just a consulting service? You're more than just a thought leader. You're more than just a book or a product or whatever it is that you offer. That can be a great experience, opportunity, and gift for anyone at any time of year.

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