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Contact To Conversion

Everyone is obsessed with numbers. No matter if you're talking about media producers, events, or just even the ROI part of your business. Numbers are the way that we measure everything. But having great numbers, especially regarding your online social proof, doesn't mean that you have great numbers in your business. There's a massive difference between having an audience and then converting that audience into paying customers. It's a great struggle that most businesses have nowadays. They focus so much on getting the numbers that they don't know how to take those numbers, those followers, those potential leads, and make them into buying audience members.

How in the world do you convert? It's a struggle most businesses have. Here are a few ways to overcome it.

  1. Before you even go after anybody online or offline for that matter. You have to know what in the world you want out of this game. Are you just trying to get major numbers so that way, you can get a speaking event, or get on TV, or something bigger? Is that your end game?

If so, your audience's conversion into profitable sales isn't what you're looking for. But for most of us, we're looking to build an audience online that is our new version of our email list. Therefore, doing gimmicky things won't work to get long-term conversion potential in your audience.

Having sales and having contests where you give away a huge, massive prize that anybody would want isn't a smart business move for you because you'll get a lot of people who will follow your page, but they aren't interested in you. They're interested in what you're giving away, not you. Make sure you know what you're trying to convert for the reason behind it.

Once you understand that, you can understand how to build a relationship. 2. Yes, romantic relationships are a great example of what we're supposed to model in business. Though most of us suck at romantic relationships, and we don't know how in the world we got our partners. The same is holding in your business. You have to step back and remember that in the end, the person you're talking to is another person, another human being with feelings, emotions, and stories that all are playing in their head just like they're playing in yours.

On some level, you do need to be the one who takes the first step when it comes to the relationship, the pursuer on many levels. But like all relationships, it has to be an equal dance for you both to be happy.

And that is key.

When it comes to building relationships, especially online, it's way too easy to create a very aggressive marketing plan or the exact opposite, a passive marketing plan. When it comes to a romantic relationship, it was the dance, the pursuit, and then the pursuit that made you love it so much.

The same holds with your business. Make sure that whatever you're doing online or off to create social proof, it's always that balance of the dance, to pursue and to be pursued. You don't want to consistently go after your audience because they're going to run away. You want there to be moments where they are pursuing you. They're saying yes to you. Besides making yourself feel good, it'll create a deeper relationship with them and make them more loyal customers.

3. When it comes to converting your numbers from just being numbers to being a conversion where there's money coming into your bank, the thing is that you have to know the long-term game. Meaning that you have to know where in the world all of this ends in the end.

It's like going on a road trip. Some people just get in the car, start driving, and see where they'll be, and that may be fun, but along the way, you eventually think, "Oh, dear Lord, there are no gas stations around here, and we just ran out." Poor planning makes people very stressed out.

You, on the other hand, as the business, need to be the type of person who has planned the road trip like no tomorrow. You know where you're going to stop. You know how to be flexible. You know in the end where this is going and the experience you're creating for yourself and your audience. That means the experience long after they purchased from you, long after they're done with your service, or experiencing your product. The conversion cycle lasts much longer than after you put the money in the bank. It should go on for years to come if you plan it right because when you know, that's the entire relationship you have. What you say in the beginning to get the numbers and to get those audience members to give you money becomes all holistic and makes sense because you know in the end where this all leads to. You can tease them and excite them with what is to come, and it also allows them to trust you, to know that you truly are the expert you say you are because you know where you're all going. That's how you turn numbers into numbers in your bank.

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