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How To Have A Media Worthy Opinion

You may say media is in my blood. From the beginning of my career all the way to today - local, national, and international media have and still do seek my opinion on brands, marketing, nonverbal communication and how we are all being influenced by these multimillion-dollar giants.

But what makes me sought after as a media expert vs. another branding professional simply comes down to these five things. (Listen up because you can use these exact steps yourself and with your own industry/media.)

  1. Start small. Yep, climbing the media ladder is a real thing. The great thing is that “small” is no longer local media. “Small” media can be a podcast, guest writing on a blog, or hosting a weekly YouTube series.

  2. Know your topic inside and out. Book knowledge is great, but you must understand your work. Because when you are only focused on logic and statistic focused vs. the results your industry creates, it will be challenging to think on the fly and go where the conversation leads.

  3. Be professional and serve. The biggest thing you must know about media is that you are there to serve their audience and make them (aka the host, producer, writer, etc.) look like a pro. It is never about you, your business, or your bottom line.

  4. Have fun. No one wants to chat with an uptight person. So have fun and show your love for your industry. Be engaging, excited, and share the fund side of what you do.

  5. Be grateful. Any media opportunity is a gift. Appreciate it. Even if nothing directly comes from a particular media appearance, you must remember that it is the combination of your entire media pedigree that creates the influence you are looking for. So be grateful for every opportunity.

Though the media world is changing fast, it still is the easiest way to create broad social proof of your work and expert status.

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