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How To Know When To Pivot

Building an empire isn't the easiest thing you've ever done. Heck, just building a brand or building anything isn't as easy as most people assume it is. But yet, just because you're coming up against a struggle and opposition, is it the right time to, well, quit, keep going, or pivot? Most people just think, quit or keep going. Give up or just keep running into the wall. Yet far too many people don't pause to think about one of the best answers, which is simply a pivot. When you come up against opposition in person or business, it doesn't mean that it's a stop, don't go, don't collect your $200. But sometimes, it simply means that you don't keep going straight. It's that you have to pivot, that you have to turn your perspective, the way you're approaching it, your delivery method, and the type of client that you're going after.

That it's a simple pivot in a mindset or in a positioning that is what makes your brand go from running yourself into the wall crazy to being crazy profitable. So, if you find your business struggling, if you find yourself continually not bringing in the income you need to bring it, not having the client base you want, not having your content convert, consider a pivot.

Pivot in the way you're approaching it. Pivot in the way that you're delivering it. Pivot in who you're talking to, or simply pivot your mindset about what you believe this action should be delivered to you. When we decide to pivot versus simply give up or can simply keep going in a bullheaded approach. We give ourselves the freedom to course correct all along the way to reach our goal sooner. So, consider the pivot over anything else because the pivot can make you quite profitable.

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