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How To Sell Your Magic

The childhood fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk, has fascinated people, especially entrepreneurs, for decades. The truth is this idea of magical beans, well, gets us all a little excited. We wonder what magical beans we have, do we offer? And more importantly, how in the world can we sell them and make a great profit from them? The truth is that selling your magic is really what makes an entrepreneur great. It isn't about the logistics of your product or service. That isn't why your audience is coming to you. The truth is they want a bit of that magic, that juju that you bring. But yet, most entrepreneurs struggle with selling their magic because they don't see its value. They don't see that these are the magic beans that they have. They don't realize or recognize what they're creating. The truth is that there's always wisdom in you're weird. That's what's scary.

I love telling my branding clients that we are all about making sure that we put they're weird in their brand. It's scary to most entrepreneurs because our weirdness is our weakness in our minds. We've been taught by society that how we don't fit in is not the way to make bank. But the truth is, it is. Your weird, how you see the world, what you love is the magic. That is the goal that creates the relationship, that creates the transformation that your audience truly seeks.

So how do you sell your magic?

Well, first off, you have to know what makes you weird. You have to know the quirks of your personality. If it's that you're a Star Trek junkie or that you see everything in the shape of a Simpsons episode, if it's the fact that you love architecture, or you're a total foodie, whatever it is, you have to know your weird.

The second thing you have to know is how does this relate to your audience?

Does your audience have similar weirdness, or do they just feel like outsiders? Have you always felt like a black sheep, and so does your audience? When you understand the connection between your weirdness and their weirdness, that's where the magic happens. Because the truth is - only one is your audience isn't coming to you for the logistical product or service or solution that you offer.

They're coming to you for the connection. They're coming to you for the relationship and not feeling alone anymore. By being honest and truthful about your weirdness, guess what? You allow your audience to feel weird and love their weirdness, which makes them feel empowered for who they are. It makes them want to have a deeper relationship with you. So how do you sell your magic? You have to know your weird. You have to understand your audience, and you have to be willing to speak your truth 24/7.

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