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Legacy By Design

The idea of leaving a legacy, having your life matter, having your work matter long after you aren't on this earthly planet, in this three-dimensional world, is something that, well, is part of human nature. It's more and more trendy now as entrepreneurs to want to make sure that their time, their effort, and work isn't just producing an income and a lifestyle for now but it's leaving a legacy for their children and the world in the end.

How do you create a legacy?

Well, it's all by design.

Building a legacy requires you to be intentional about it. On some level, yes, your everyday actions add up in the end, but if you aren't intentional about what you're doing, where you're doing it, and when you're doing it, you're never going to get there in the end anyway.

Just because you have a puzzle in front of you with all the pieces. If you aren't intentional about putting it together, it doesn't just happen. The same holds with building a legacy you will be proud of in the end.

Truly creating a legacy is as simple as being intentional. Intentional about what you want to deliver in the end. Intentional about making consistent choices and consistent actions that will get you there. Intentional about making sure that your energy, be it your tone of voice, your vibrational energy, or how you just simply show up in the world, all add up to the type of person you want your legacy to be about.

As long as you keep your intentions clear and you keep your focus going in the same direction, in the end, your legacy will begin to develop. And along the way, there'll be more choices to make, more choices to bring you closer to the legacy you want. But it all begins and ends with the intentions you have.

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