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Phone Sales Success

Video meetings may be all the rage, but phones are not dead. And though video meetings convert better because you get to read a fuller picture of each other’s nonverbal communication, there are a few things you can do to increase your influence even when you are on the phone.

  1. Stand Up. The simple act of standing up will have you feeling more confident and sounding more confident.

  2. Use A Mirror. We naturally mirror other people, even ourselves. So yes, watching yourself talk will increase your energy and enthusiasm.

  3. Be handsfree. Allow yourself to be as free-flowing with your conversation as if the two of you were in person. Free your hands and let them talk too.

  4. Actively hear. Active listening is about hearing unspoken words and picking up on the tone and vibe. Many times this leads to the truth about what is holding them back from saying yes or moving forward.

  5. The pause. When you are on the phone, you can’t see when the other person has stopped talking. Use this to your advantage. Society has trained us not to like the silence within a conversation, so if you make sure to pause between each person talking, one of two things will happen. (1) the other person will keep talking, giving you a better insight into what is going on, and (2) you come across as owning the conversation because of your cool, calm, and collected way.

Though the telephone may not be in vogue, sometimes it can be your best friend.

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