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Have you noticed the new social trend to be real, like truly no edits real?

Everyone says that they want the real deal. No filters. No production. Just raw and real.

And honestly, that isn’t what people want really.

Yes, there is a side to our human nature that loves the odd, the gross, and the grim, but as a brand and a professional- you don’t want to be associated with such drama. You aren’t a sideshow after all.

Outside of the innate human fascination with weird, the truth is we don’t want the real in all its raw, unedited glory.

Because think about it this way, if we saw everything in its real, unedited state, we wouldn’t be very happy campers. What if on the package of the hot dogs, instead of seeing the label, you saw a video play of how the animal lived, died, and everything else that happened in between? I can promise we would have a heck of a lot of new vegetarians in our mists.

The truth is that we don’t want to know how the sausage is made in all its true guts and glory. We just want to know the basics and enjoy the sausage.

So when it comes to the impressions you make, online and offline, remember that your audience- aka the people who want to give you money - truly want to see the “pretty” version of your real life. Not the real, real version of life- only weird gawkers and lookie lou want that, but they don't want to give you the money,

So I vote for the “show me the money” peeps.

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