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#Relationship Goals

What are your relationship goals? Most people fail to even stop and think about their relationship goals on a personal level let alone they don't think about the relationship goals when it comes professionally. Especially when it comes to creating social proof.

We think about our relationship goal as we want to make sales, but beyond that, nothing. That's simply saying you want to get laid, people.

There's so much more before and after a relationship, or at least there should be. And then there is more before and after when it comes to creating social proof with your business and your brand.

When you are unclear about your relationship goals, guess what? You don't end up finding the ones you want. Just like when you're unclear about your relationship goals, you end up finding the ones willing to do the booty calls, not the ones willing to be marrying you and willing to be your partner for life.

How do you change all that?

Just simply stop and ask yourself what are you looking for.

Are you truly looking for long-term clients right now? Or are you just looking to create a community of people who actively engage and like your material? Your relationship goals, just like in life, can change throughout your brand's life cycle as well. You don't have to stick to one relationship goal forever. But you do need to be clear about what you're looking for and what you need at this moment.

Yes, need.

It's okay that you need your relationship goals because the other side of that equation is that that party needs you too.

When you're clear about what you need, it is much easier for the right people to find you. And that creates relationship heaven.

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