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Building The Right Brand Relationship For You

The simple truth, you control your brand. Yep, from how much you charge to who you serve, what you do, to how you do it - you choose it all. This also means you choose the brand relationships you have as well.

Now choosing your brand relationships may not sound sexy and you may think, “What is there to choose?” the truth is that defining your brand relationships are essential to have the profitable, fulfilling, and successful brand you want.

And when your brand relationships are on point, you can say goodbye to the clients that never convert, the unappreciation, nickel, and diming approach, and always wanting massive extras. Yes, your brand relationship, when done right- puts all of this in its place.

Here is how:

  1. Define all of the types of brand relationships you have. Yep, everyone is not created equal, and nor should the relationship.

  2. From your above list, write what you want out of each of the relationships as well as what the brand needs from each of the relationships.

  3. In a third column, write HOW you would enjoy fulfilling your half of the relationship and how you want the other party to react.

  4. Is there a defining moment when the initial relationship is over, ie, services rendered? If so, what is the cue and how does the relationship transition?

  5. In a different color pen, write what you can or already do within your brand to create that result.

Once you are clear about the intention of every relationship, what to do, say, implement and act becomes crystal clear. And all of those moments of self-doubt or “should I shouldn’t I” fade away too.

Besides bringing you a lot of personal peace, you also create clear roles and expectations for your staff and clients. Helping them see you as the true expert and leader that you are.

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