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Relationship Matrix

Though we live in an online world where connections are everywhere, people feel alone. Studies are showing that depression and loneliness are up. And even with these stats rising, most of us only focus on our online lives.

The truth is that our real life has so much more potential and potential connections out there that we simply fail to use. We even fail to use and maximize our online relationships, yet, we have to have relationships.

When we truly decide to connect with somebody online or offline, we must step out of our comfort zone. We need to invite people into our lives and events and have a relationship with us. Sometimes we simply need to invite others into a conversation.

When we show other people that we invest in them, the true relationship begins. And when we decide to do that, so much more than just a relationship with that person will show up. A relationship matrix begins to get created. And that is where all great connections and potential opportunities can lie.

It's not about building relationships simply to build the connections of who they may know. Still, it's about understanding that when you have a relationship with somebody, asking them for help and asking to see if they have connections is an okay thing to do.

When you understand that you aren't alone, whatever problem you run into, you know that it isn’t your problem to solve solely. You begin to realize that this world isn't a lonely place or such a big place after all.

It’s amazing to realize that the people that you already know, love, and like, actually have connections that you need. Best of all, they're willing and want to help you because you have helped and supported them along the way as well.

Stop feeling overwhelmed and alone in this world, online or offline.

Develop your relationships because you genuinely care. And then realize that, as much as you genuinely care about these people, they care about you.

When you ask for help, you're allowing someone else to have the greatest opportunity to show your love and reciprocate how they truly feel about you in the real world. And when that happens, it's amazing how you'll even feel less alone because you'll realize that you don't just have a one-on-one relationship at hand. You have a relationship and connection that spans the world more than you ever realized.

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