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Saying “No”

Often people will say “yes” just because they don’t want the perceived confrontation and drama of saying “no.” And though it can feel like this is the less painful approach, it isn’t for you or them.

Here is how you say “no” and not feel like an ass.

  1. Know your opinion. Half the time, we say “yes” because we don’t know how we truly feel about the situation, so we say “yes” at the moment and then regret our choice later.

  2. Know your boundaries. Know how you feel about situations and how far you can bend with people. Do you hate waking up early, then don’t say “yes” to a friend’s request to host a 5k race that starts at dawn. Make your boundaries nonnegotiable to you and everyone else.

  3. Know your end goals. Know what you are looking for out of every situation- know your intentions. When you know this, you instinctually begin to know when you need to say “no.”

And if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have applied the above steps and still want to say “no.” Here is how you do it.

“No. Thank you.”

No explanation. No “because.” No, “I’m sorry.” All you need to say is “No. Thank you.” and move on.

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