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The Brand and Life You Want

It's easy when you're starting your business to think that all the answers are outside of you. You don't know how to build a successful business, so you look to others to define how to build a successful business and turn a successful life. But the truth is that the answers that you seek are all inside of you.

You have to know how you define success.

You have to understand how you define a successful life and a successful business. No one can tell you that, and if you believe the "experts" on this, if you believe their systems, their formulas of what means that you've made it, you'll never feel like you made it because it's not the priority to you.

If you want to build a successful life starting now and in turn, have a successful business as well, you have to know your priorities. What matters to you, and what has meaning to you? Because if, in the end, lots of money in the bank account isn't exactly what you were looking for, then it's not going to mean anything to you, and your subconscious mind knows this already.

When you set goals, like maybe your smart financial goals that don't meet the heart of what matters to you and set you on fire, then you're never going to achieve those goals. It will always be a struggle because your subconscious mind knows the truth. It knows it doesn't feed your SoulFire®. What's your Soulfire®, you ask? Your Soulfire®'s the whole reason in the world why you're here. What sets your soul, your unique spirit, on fire? It's the reason why you're here on this earth today, right now on this planet, in this country, or with the people around you. It's why you have insights into change, into your industry that other people don't have. You have a way to see it, speak it, and connect with it. It's the passion that you're truly meant to be.

Now, if you, by chance, have lost your Soulfire®, and you're thinking this start-up is just a savvy, smart idea, but you don't have this uncontrollable fire and insight and passion for it, put a pause in that step and make sure you reconnect with what your greatest passion is. Unsure of how to do that? Here's the easiest way. Simply think back to when you were a child, as far as you can go. And start to think about what you naturally did, either that you got praise for or maybe that you didn't get praise for, that you got in trouble for. What did you play and imagine? What was it that you were imagining? It wasn't that you liked necessarily playing in the mud, but those mud pies maybe were food to celebrate and share with people or were a way that you created in expressing yourself.

When we go back to as far as we can remember and begin to see what we instinctually did, good or bad, and we begin to fast-forward that through life, our Soulfire® begins to get pretty darn clear because we can see by the choices we've made in life, some of the missteps, some of the good steps, some of the hobbies and some of the jobs we've taken, a common running thread shows up of exactly what it is that we're all about, what it is that drives us. Now here's the interesting thing. When you connect with your Soulfire®, it's not going to most likely sound like a sexy marketing term. It isn't going to be this great buzz about business, but it is what everything in your mind should be built-in. You should always ensure that your Soulfire®, passion, and desires are always built into everything you do because when that's the case, no matter what you do, it makes sense to your audience. No matter what you do, it's fulfilling your life's purpose, which means you're to put your heart, soul, and subconscious mind into it, and that's exactly how you get the life and business you want in the end.

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