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What's Your Next Passion Project?

What is your next passion project? The idea of having a passion project or a side hustle is very much in vogue. Far too often, we aren't ridiculously passionate about our actions. And, when we lack passion in our lives, we lack truly living and truly going for it.

What's your next passion project? What is it that you have been secretly desiring to do? Why haven't you taken action on doing it?

When you don't have a secret desire or passion for your life, then you don't play all-in for your life. You just start doing life but not living your life. If, by chance, you're wondering exactly what your passion is, think back to the last time you jumped out of the bed happily. When you were literally that excited that you could not sleep for all the good reasons. When you reconnect with where that is in your life, it's easy to reconnect with your next passion project.

And if you're saying, "Well, hey, that's what I do every single day. I love my business. I love my brand. I love what I do every single day," then what are you doing to up-level that?

What are you doing to make that better? To be better for yourself and for everyone you have relationships with? How can you create a better experience for you and them? How can you transform this world more, leave a stronger legacy, and play all in on a deeper level?

Even when we live our passions daily, it's easy to make them vanilla and take all the excitement out of them. Having passion and passion projects in your life are what make life exciting. It's like having those summer romances. It makes you excited for life. Things are electric. And, yes, you need to have that in your life to remind yourself why you're here and, more importantly, change the world, which is why you're here.

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